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Pinflux 2 Review – Quick SummaryPinflux 2 Review
Product: Pinflux 2
Launch Price: $27.00
Format: Cloud-Based Automation Software
Compatibility: PC and Mac Computers
Pros: Fully automates the whole Pinterest pinning process. Scheduling pins, following/unfollowing others, pining new fresh content and repining others content can all be done on complete auto-pilot. It’s an amazing platform with a ton of really powerful features.
Cons: Does not cover how to profit from your growing Pinterest following. Which is why I’m including several premium bonuses to teach you exactly how to do just that. My first two bonuses will show you how to easily create your own online “space” to send all of your Pinterest followers to. My other bonuses will show you exactly what to do to capitalize on all of that traffic. Scroll down to the bottom of this Pinflux 2 review to see all of the amazing bonuses you get when you buy Pinflux through any of my links below.

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Pinflux 2 Review


What is Pinflux 2 and who is it for?

Pinflux 2 is an amazing automation platform that will run your Pinterest account on complete auto-pilot. It does everything that you can normally do manually, but takes all of the daily labor out of it. All you have to do is set it up by following the super easy setup instructions and let it run. It will actually go out and pin all of your images for you, follow and unfollow boards, and create massive engagement on your Pinterest account without you having to slave over it ever again. It really does simplify everything. Plus, with this new version, you don’t even have to get your app approved. That’s right, they’ve completely updated the platform for that it does everything that you would normally do, as if a human is doing all of the activity, not an app. This makes it even better because it pretty much guarantees that your account will never be flagged for spamming or using a bot. It’s genius!

If you’re a power Pinterest user, or just want to tap into this massively powerful marketing platform, then I strongly suggest you check this new version of Pinflux out. It will completely eliminate all the guess work that you may be doing while spinning your wheels to get engagement on your Pinterest boards. It’s a total game changer for anyone looking to automate the whole process. Plus, with my exclusive bonuses, you’ll be able to take your Pinterest automation to a whole new level. I’m throwing in two high quality premium video training courses. One will show you how to build your very own website, and the other will show you how to build your very own online ecommerce store. I’m including these bonuses to give you the option of what type of online presence you’d like to have. Either way you, you can then drive all of your Pinterest traffic right onto your own site where you can then make a huge profit. But that’s not all, in addition to those two bonuses, I’m also throwing in four more to give you everything you need to succeed and completely dominate your online campaigns. Scroll on down past this Pinflux 2 review to see all of my exclusive bonuses below.


Pinflux 2 Review


Features and Benefits

  • Works with multiple Pinterest boards
  • Completely automates the whole pinning process
  • Searches and finds content to post automatically
  • Locates pins in your niche and repins them onto your boards
  • Can automatically find and follow other profiles in your niche
  • Automatically unfollows profiles that do not follow you back
  • Can like and create posts on complete auto-pilot
  • Future pins can be scheduled out weeks in advance
  • Perfect for eCommerce sellers, bloggers, or affiliates
  • You can use your Pinterest account manually from within the Pinflux dashboard
  • And more, see the sales page for more details

Pricing and One-Time Offers

Note: There are down-sells (DS) available for some of the one-time offers (OTO). Simply select “No thanks…” at the bottom of the offer page to be presented with another opportunity to purchase the one-time offer at a discount. All of the details are listed below.

Pinflux 2: $27.00
Access to all the front end features listed above in this Pinflux 2 review.

OTO 1 – Pinflux Pro: $47.00
Access to more features including unlimited accounts, unlimited boards, unlimited posts, unlimited engagement. Plus commercial license.
DS 1 – Pinflux Pro Trial: $1.00 for a limited time, then $47.00
Limited time access to the pro features. You will be charged the full price if you don’t cancel before the end of the trial period.

OTO 2 – Pinflux Agency: $67.00
With the agency license, you can resell Pinflux and keep all of the profits for yourself.

OTO 3 – ViralReach Pro: $47.00
This upgrade unlocks tons of traffic from Facebook by utilizing powerful Facebook automation features.

OTO 4 – Mighty Memes Pro: $47.00
Access a powerful meme making software that is completely integrated into the Pinflux platform.

Launch Details

Note: This is only a 7 day launch.

Launch Starts: March 28, 2019 at 11:00am EST
Launch Ends: April 3, 2019 at 11:59pm EST

Final Thoughts

I think that Pinterest is probably one of the biggest marketing platforms that is completely underutilized by most people. Everybody is always talking about Facebook and YouTube, but as far as I can tell, very few people are taking advantage of the enormous profit potential that Pinterest has to offer. I mean, think about it, it’s a platform where people go to pin pictures of things they either have, or want to have. It’s a huge collection of people’s dream boards. Where better to promote products and services then where everybody is going to dream about things they want, or places they want to go to. That’s why I was so impressed by this new version of Pinflux. It basically gives you everything you need to dominate the Pinterest platform and get tons of visitors, not only to your boards, but to pretty much anywhere you want to send them. And with my exclusive bonuses, you’ll have just the place to send them to. I sincerely recommend that you scroll down past this Pinflux 2 review and see my amazing bonuses. Then, when you’re ready, click on any of the big yellow buttons to go over to the sales page. That will secure my bonuses for you and over there, you’ll be able to see a few demo videos of Pinflux in action. I’m convinced that when you do, you’ll see the huge profit potential that this application has to offer.

Thank you for reading my Pinflux 2 review

Pinflux 2 Review

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Pinflux 2 Review

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Pinflux 2 Review

Pinflux 2 Review

Pinflux 2 Review

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