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Product: Create
Launch Price: $47.00
Format: Cloud-Based Video Creation Software
Compatibility: PC and Mac Computers
Pros: An all-inclusive video creation platform that comes complete with all of the editing features of high end platforms, but at a fraction of the cost. Platform is complete with detailed training modules that include step-by-step instructions on how to use the software effectively.
Cons: Does not include any training on how to market your videos or monetize them on platforms like YouTube. Does not cover how to use your videos to build an email list of subscribers, or how to get any traffic to your videos once you have published them. But that’s where I come in. I am including everything you need to ensure that your videos are not only found by tons of traffic, but how to profit from them. My bonuses even include a premium course that will teach you everything you need to know to succeed and profit from your video marketing campaigns.

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Create Review


What is Create and who is it for?

Create is a brand new video creation platform that will take your video creation efforts to a whole new level. It comes packed with all of the editing features that high end platforms have, but at a fraction of the cost. With this new software, you can easily create videos for any marketing campaigns or projects that you have in mind. From simple short video ad type videos to full blown training videos and tutorials, Create can handle any size video you have in mind. Plus, all of the editing features that this product brings will completely blow your mind. And once you are done with your video, you can simple publish it to your computer and/or upload it to whatever platform you want to place your video on. If for any reason you’re not sure how to do any of this, no worries because there is a complete training course included that will walk you through the entire process. It really is as simple as click and create.

If you’re interested in creating videos but just not sure what software to use, then you are in luck. In all honesty, this truly is the easiest platform to create videos on that I have ever reviewed. Now just so you know, I’ve used pretty much all of them, from Screecast-O-Matic to Adobe Premier Pro, I’ve even used OBS Studio. And although I’ve had a lot of success with some of these, I’ve always thought that there has to be an easier video creation software out there to use. It just seems as though most of the ones that I have used over-complicate things. That’s what I love most about Create. This platform makes it so easy to create videos that even the newest of newbies will be able to crank out professional looking videos in no time. Scroll on down and read through the rest of this Create review, and then click on over to the sales page so you can see it in action. There are several demo videos over there that are going to amaze you. Believe me, you are going to be very impressed.


Create Review


Features and Benefits

  • Brand new, easy to use video creation software
  • Easy 3 step process to create any video
  • Can easily record your screen, webcam and audio
  • Full featured drag and drop editor
  • Ability to import your own media
  • Export your videos in full HD, even up to 4K
  • Can create full videos of any length
  • Includes hundreds of animations and icons
  • Includes 30 audio backing tracks
  • Videos can be exported to YouTube and Vidello
  • And more, see the sales page for more details

Pricing and One-Time Offers

Note: There are no down-sells (DS) available for any of the one-time offers (OTO) listed below.

Create Personal/Commercial: $47.00/$67.00
Access to all the front end features. There will be a discount for the first few hours of the launch. Use coupon code: create12

OTO 1 – Create Pro: $67.00/$97.00
Additional features include a full media library, text to speech creator, hundreds of text fonts, and more. See the offer page for all the details.

OTO 2 – Templates Club: $37.00/month or a one time payment of $197.00
Includes 50 high quality fone-for-you templates. Plus, an additional 15 new templates every month for an entire 12 months.

OTO 3 – Create Agency Suite: $67.00/$97.00
Ability to create and manage videos for clients, includes ready made video templates and lead generation funnels. Also includes step-by-step agency training, and more. See the upgrade page for all the details.

OTO 4 – Member by Vidello: $97.00/$197.00
Ability to create entire membership platforms. Includes themes, member management and popular payment platforms. Again, see the upgrade page for all the details.

Date: March 26, 2019
Time: 11:00am EST

Final Thoughts

Ok, so I have to be completely honest with you here. This is by far the best video creation software that I have ever reviewed. It completely blows away all of the other video creating platforms that are currently on the market. With Create, you can do everything you need for your video marketing campaigns, your video product reviews and even your paid video ads. With this new platform, you can pretty much forget all of the rest because this will be the only one you’ll ever need. I know it sounds like I’m really hyping this up, but I’m not. Go on over to the sales page and see it in action for yourself. When you do, I’m sure you’ll agree with me. Plus, with the amazing bonuses that I am giving away to anyone who purchases Create through any of my links below, I’m sure that you will not only succeed with your videos, but make lots of money from them as well. Go ahead and scroll down to see my amazing bonuses for yourself, then click on any of the big yellow buttons to secure your bonuses and be taken over to the sales page.

Thank you for reading my Create review

Create Review

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Create Review

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